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To date, Brother Wolf's commemorative production of 'A Lesson from Auschwitz' has raised £2082 for charitable causes. Beneficiaries include the following organisations: The Anne Frank Trust UK, Freedom From Torture, The National Holocaust Centre and Museum and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.


In the historical drama, the character of Abraham Könisberg bears the same number on his prison uniform as that which was worn by Czeslawa Kwoka (pron: "Ches-wah-vah Kvoh-kah"). This number has been replicated in remembrance of Czeslawa. The images of her can be found on the wall of Block 6 at the Auschwitz Museum.


Czeslawa was 14 years old when she was murdered by the Nazis.


'A Lesson from Auschwitz' is dedicated to her and all victims of the Holocaust.


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A Lesson from Auschwitz

Written, Produced and Directed by James Hyland

Performed by Michael Shon and James Hyland