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A Child Of The Jago are the designers and makers of the Wonderland costumes for 'The Mad Hatter's Tea Party'.


Since their inception in 2008, A Child Of The Jago has continued to champion, create and produce small runs of fine quality clothing whilst maintaining an environmentally conscious approach.


Sourcing high quality obsolete fabric and end of line cloths from British mills, A Child Of The Jago is guided by a philosophy of slow and ethical fashion. Their clothes are crafted in-house at their Clerkenwell studio by a highly skilled team and their iconic hats are produced by their traditional Luton milliners.


Inspired by infamous historical figures like Jack Sheppard and Joan of Arc rather than throwaway trends, they remain one of the original anti-brands operating outside of the traditional expectations of runway shows and seasonal collections.


Working in this way, A Child Of The Jago provides a welcome antidote to the branded juggernaut of mass-produced fashion and sterile clothing that pollutes our environment and our minds. By rejecting the mass conformity and consumption of the global "fashion system", they remain resolutely autonomous, free to say and produce what they want, when they want, how they want.


A Child Of The Jago take their name from Arthur Morrison's 1896 novel which sees the protagonist rise far above his status by dressing his way out of poverty. Set in the Jago slum in what is now Arnold Circus in Shoreditch - a stone's throw from their first landmark shop on the corner of Great Eastern Street - the novel caused uproar for exposing the depravity and desperation of the Victorian underclass.


Although their unique East London shop has now closed, they have since relocated to Charing Cross Road in the West End and are set to open another shop later in the year.


Placing enormous value in the quality of their pieces, A Child Of The Jago designs them to look great until they rot off your back, whatever the year or season.


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