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Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

"Brilliant performance of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde by James Hyland. I didn't really want to go home alone, so scary was he! And how he managed to commit the story to memory was masterful."

~Maggie Singleton


"We experienced your incredible performance at the Arts Centre in Trimley last night. What a tour de force. Amazing physical theatre embodied in one man. You transformed from Jekyll to Hyde with such skill. Your expressions, vocal quality and physicality were so impressive. Not for the faint hearted but definitely not to be missed!!"

~Laura Locke


"Absolutely fantastic, spellbound. :) :)"

~Felixstowe Wellness Centre


"Fantastic seeing James this evening in Felixstowe - The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. Spellbound."

~Philip Hills


"Great show tonight. Once again James Hyland was amazing."



"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your show in Stafford last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think that being Halloween made it even more atmospheric. As someone who struggles to remember her own name at times I am amazed at how you can remember so many lines. Brilliant performance though and looking forward to seeing you again. Thank you!"

~Angela Lees


"Myself and my wife are on a break in Devon for a week and were visiting Teignmouth on Wednesday. We stopped off at the Pavilions for a coffee and I noticed a flyer for your show that evening. I decided to get a couple of tickets. What a great impulsive decision that was, we were absolutely spellbound by your performance and both agreed it was the best piece of live acting we had ever seen! Congratulations, it was superb and if you have a thing such as a mailing list, please add my name to it for any further shows you may be involved in. We will however be keeping our own eyes peeled! Once again thank you for a really enjoyable evening. Best regards."

~Brian & Sue Ward


"We've just seen your play at the Teignmouth Pavilions. A powerful, unnerving and incredible performance by James Hyland. Thank you."

~Heidi Archer-Scott


"Just to say I saw your performance tonight in Teignmouth and thought it was fantastic. Great acting and evocative storytelling. Scary ending - well done! Thanks and regards."

~Gary Freemantle


"@JamesHylandUK you are a marvel"



"Everyone enjoyed it and comments such as "awesome" and "chilling switches between the characters" are providing some real food for thought...We just wanted to thank you for another ‘Tour de Force'... The boys were buzzing all the next day and you provoked some great discussions and certainly helped their understanding of Victorian literature and their appreciation of live theatre."

~The Blake Theatre


"My fiancée and I came to see your performance of Jekyll and Hyde last night (Thursday 7th December) at the Marlowe Studio and I just wanted to write to you to say how much we loved it. The whole concept was fantastic and we were both absorbed from the off. I have no idea how you can both remember all of the dialogue and maintain character(s) for that duration of time! I was so absorbed... Also sitting in the very front row despite knowing I was watching a play I did not feel 100% physically safe... such was the power of your performance. This probably explains why I may have been nervously smiling at the time! From start to finish I was completely gripped and was shocked that an hour had gone by when you finished. It’s one of the best things I have seen on stage so just wanted to write this quick email to thank you for a great performance."

~James Wilson


"Utterly captivated, transported and terrified by James Hyland's production of 'Jekyll and Hyde' at The Marlowe Studio...Truly brilliant... What you did was incredible... it felt like reality and still does now. I haven’t stopped talking about it and it has left me with so much to think about. Thank you."

~Miss G


"Well, another great night by you, brilliant, exciting. Hope to see the performances again this year. Thank you for a great night."

~Ian and Janet Underwood


"Fantastic night at The Mill Arts Centre watching James Hyland's incredible 'Jekyll & Hyde'. Even if he did lick a bloody knife in my face. Go see it!"

~Stuart Lemon


"I want you to know that, despite the gothic horror of the subject, I was completely mesmerised by your performance. The adaptation of the material was extremely clever... Thank you once again for a captivating evening and a virtuoso performance. Where will you go next I wonder?... I look forward to your next visit to Llanelli"

~Dr D S A Blackmore


"On the recommendation of a colleague, my wife and I went to see your one man show 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' at the Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time that we had been to one of your productions. We were completely blown away by the intensity and skill of your performance, and the clever and powerful script. We just wanted to write to let you know how much we enjoyed the show, and to thank you for the wonderful experience. We very much look forward to seeing your next show, and hope that you will be able to perform in Llanelli again next time you are on tour."

~David and Sarah Williams


"GENIUS! In my opinion I witnessed a masterclass of characterisation. Can't wait for the next."

~Carys Rhys Jones


"My parents have had the wonderful opportunity to see your performances the last two years at the Ffwrnes in llanelli. Each time I have been envious of my schedule clashing. However, tonight I finally had the chance to see you. It was everything my parents said and more. The term a masterclass in acting has most probably been used quite a few times, but it truly was. I was in awe of how composed you were even in the most challenging physical characterisations, simply wonderful. Hope to see you next year at llanelli. Bravo, sir."

~Eve Dalling


"Superb show Friday. Please come back soon!"

~Kay Morgan


"This was one of the funniest, captivating and entertaining shows I have ever seen. James!!! Genius. Myself and two friends went to see you this eve in 'Jekyll and Hyde' and you were outstanding! One of the best we've ever seen!!... Thank you so much!!! The voices, noises, mannerisms and the way you went from character to character was brilliant."

~Iain Wood


"We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your performance tonight at Ballakermeen School in Douglas. It was mesmerising, haunting, exciting but terrifying all at the same time. We were enthralled, captivated and on the edge of our seats for the whole hour. We have just arrived back home in Ballaugh and sang the nursery rhyme all the way home. We can't get it out of our heads! Creepy! You were absolutely brilliant and definitely got inside our heads with each of the characters. Perfect for a misty November night. We do hope you return to the Isle of Man soon and wish you all the best and every success with the rest of your shows."

~Alison and Geoff (Wilson)


"Absolutely loved J&H tonight at The Studio Theatre, thank you."

~Tony Davis


"I came to see your performance of  'Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' at the Kenneth More Theatre on Sunday 25th October, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was excellent. It showed very clearly the very thin dividing line between good and evil in a person, and also how an individual's actions - or lack of - can change the course of something, and also have an effect on events. We are all a mixture of good and evil, even though, like Dr Jekyll, we often don't want to believe it. It also created a very good atmosphere of Victorian life for the poorer classes. Looking forward to your next show."

~Sharon Watkins


"Once again a wonderful performance at Kenneth More Theatre yesterday. Your portrayal of Hyde was chilling. In fact, I was pleased it was an afternoon show as a journey home in the dark would have conjured up all sorts of ideas. I also enjoyed your Jacob Marley performance some time ago and look forward to your next visit to Ilford."

~Audrey Shorer


"I have just got home after seeing your amazing performance of your one man play 'Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' at the Kenneth More. I had been taken by friends who had seen you in 'The Christmas Carol' last year, which they have not stopped talking about... I just had to send an email to say we were all mesmerised by your incredible performance this afternoon... I am going to join your Facebook page so that we can see when you will performing again in any new production. Thank you once again for providing one of the most fascinating, thought provoking hours I think I have ever had!"

~Jenny Sclaire


"Took son to Kenneth More Theatre today to see Brother Wolf's 'Jekyll and Hyde'. We both thought it was superb - gripping and chilling."

~Veronica White


"Just saw this and it was f**king impressive. RECOMMENDED HIGHLY!"

~Felix Harber


'Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' was the third Brother Wolf production I have programmed. Whilst 'Fagin's Last Hour' and 'A Christmas Carol' were superb, showcasing the very talented James Hyland, I thought 'Jekyll and Hyde' to be a cut above many shows I have seen. James inhabited both characters and, as Hyde inched closer to madness (or his alter ego, however you view it), the transformation was both gruesome and compelling at the same time. As Hyde emerged towards the end of the piece I felt a chill and an unease that I cannot recall experiencing in live theatre before or since. I physically recoiled with the rest of the audience... a truly believable, magnificent performance, not for the light hearted!"

~Liz Bennet, (Managing Director at The Ropewalk)


"We saw your performance at Barton last night. Superb, thought-provoking, intense and slightly frightening! It is strange how one word can stick in the memory after watching a play, and for me this was: Notaconundrum. (!) Very well done and all the best for the future."

~Tony Walton


"Phenomenal show from James Hyland tonight at the Canterbury Festival, what a way to start the fortnight!"

~Niamh Lynam-Cotter


"Amazing performances... phenomenal, what a talent. If you haven't seen them yet, go see them for a night you will not forget! Really fantastic... what a star"

~Gabrielle Boyle, (Creative Culture Consultant at Make Change Happen)


"I really loved your Jekyll/Hyde performance. I was astounded that one man could tell a story and fill a stage so excellently."

~Beth Bedden-Jackson


"Excellent performance of Jekyll and Hyde tonight by James Hyland"

~SSC Drama


"Stupendous performance tonight!"

~Student (Edge Hill University)


"Went to see James Hyland last night at the Gatehouse, he was amazing. So real and convincing was he, that I found myself quite nervous and a bit scared, even though I knew it was a performance. His transformation into each character was done so smoothly, I did not feel as though I were watching the same man. The man is full of talent, true talent. Well done to Brother Wolf, a brilliant production. x"

~Karen Evans


"Thoroughly enjoyed 'Strange Case' last night at the Gatehouse, much deeper and darker than 'Fagin' and 'Jacob', but another of your faultless performances. Thank you, much appreciated. Hope to be able to catch more of you."

~Tim Powell


"Fascinating and entertaining (and slightly disturbing) show tonight."

~Matthew Perks


"Brilliant performance of 'Jekyll & Hyde'... Admired your skill and can't believe how you can possibly remember who you are and when."

~Angela Crump


"One word. Awesome! Another astounding performance. Thank you... Always a treat to see you perform... You said you would be doing the Artrix again. Think I might have to pop along to that too. Your performances mesmerize me."

~Sue Cartwright


"Brilliant performance tonight. Come back soon with more please." ★★★★★



"Well done, a fantastic, encapsulating performance. Loved the way you intermixed the characters so well, great job!"

~Zachary Denman


"As ever, excellent work. Thoroughly enjoyable experience."

~Clive Llewellyn, (Actor)


"I just wanted to write on behalf of my husband and I and say how much we enjoyed James Hyland's performance in the Jekyll and Hyde show at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre a few weeks ago. It was stunning!  There have been few shows we have attended (which are many) where we felt we needed to write in praise of a performance - this is the first (and probably only) show where we wanted to applaud such a talent as Mr. Hyland. We appreciate he was the actor, adapter and producer - which must have been very complex - but feel sure we should be seeing more of this type of production and performance on our TV screens so more audiences can appreciate the work he and his team have put together. Bravo - a truly spectacular and monstrous performance!!!"

~Sue and Lawrence Renshell


"really enjoyed the show"



"Well, I really enjoyed it. The actors presentation was certainly realistic conjuring up some very vivid images!"



"Certainly different. It was a good night's entertainment if a tad dark."



"James Hyland's take on Jekyll and Hyde is a deliciously lurid entertainment and also an acting masterclass. Be warned, however: it's not for the faint-hearted. Which is exactly as it should be."

~Jonathan Rigby, (Author of 'English Gothic)


"I thought the one-man show you did of 'Jekyll and Hyde' was a master class in one-man shows"

~Chris Leach


"Just to say how much I enjoyed 'Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'.  It was a stunning piece of theatre...  a privilege. Thanks"

~Linda Rogout, (Lighting Designer/Operator)


"I genuinely think it was one of the finest stage performances I have seen... we were utterly enthralled."

~Leeshon Alexander, (Actor/Writer/Producer)


"It is 9.30 p.m. on Saturday 21st. September 2013. After a visit to The Little Theatre, Sheerness, Kent my husband and I are still reeling from the magnificent and horrifying production of "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll (Jeekyll)and Mr Hyde", adapted, performed and produced by James Hyland and directed by Phil Lowe. Having already seen James Hyland perform in" Fagin's Last Hour" and "A Christmas Carol- as told by Jacob Marley(deceased)" we had been looking forward to tonight's production. We were truly amazed at this third "tour de force". The audience watched and listened spellbound at his masterly characterisations. Not only did he change from the upright, stern physician into the depraved killer Mr Hyde, but to other characters, including a young boy attacked in the street by Mr Hyde and prostitutes who solicited him. Facial expressions, voice and unnatural contortions of his body altered his character to an amazing degree. At one point James took only seconds to pass skilfully from one character to another in quick succession, changing voice, face and  body to suit five or six characters. His portrayal was at times so graphic that the audience could not help feeling a terror and sickness at Dr. Jekyll's alter ego. We feel that James is the most accomplished actor we have ever seen on stage and do not say this lightly as we  have witnessed dozens of great stage performances over many years, including those at R.S.C. Stratford-upon-Avon and National Theatre venues and others. Overall I find it difficult to express how tonight's performance affected us, and, apparently, many of the audience whom we met after the production. Our congratulations to all at Brother Wolf and Harrogate Theatre! I have drafted this appraisal tonight to be e-mailed at my convenience, as I wanted to put down on paper some of my immediate thoughts on such a stupendous and breathtaking production.

~Mavis (Mae) and Colin Corder


"I was blown away by the performance this evening; it reminded me of everything I love about acting. (And scripting, and lighting, and every other element of theatre in fact.) It was a privilege to see such a remarkable live performance; I feel inspired to reconnect with theatre as well as challenged to look for hypocrisy in myself. Thank you for a wonderful - and suitably traumatic - evening."

~Catherine Whittle


"Yet another superb production, James - an engrossing, intense and stunning performance. Thoroughly enjoyed last night - you are supremely talented x"

~Mellissa Flowerdew-Clarke, (Playwright)


"Absolutely loved James Hyland's performance of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde tonight. Stunning, superb, riveting acting. It was wonderful, I would recommend the performance to all London theatre goers, not to be missed!"

~Karen Turner


"So glad I made this performance. Bravo sir, bravo! Incredible! Anyone who has yet to see this incredible play really needs to make sure they get along to it wherever and whenever they can. James Hyland is simply incredible! The performance is extremely intense and draws the audience in completely. Brilliant! DO NOT MISS IT! IT WAS A TRULY AWESOME PERFORMANCE! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT EVERYONE GO AND SEE... EXCEPTIONAL!!!"

~Andy Davie, (Novelist/Screenwriter/Producer)


"Congratulations on the show last night. I really enjoyed it"

~Paulette Caletti


"It was wonderful to see you acting last night!! You are a true actor - I was impressed! :) Also, I guess you wrote the script? It was very good - I was thrilled!"

~Junko Kiryia


"Just wanted to say that YOU ARE BRILLIANT!!! ... And there are not so many things that have excited me like that. Amazing!"

~Fran Blanc


"wonderful performer... Absolutely spellbinding x"

~Emma Collins, (Film Editor)


"Thank you for a wonderful evening. I was very impressed with your play and the imaginative way you performed it tonight. I thought you were captivating, and I was completely drawn in to the dark and sordid underworld you created so cleverly."

~Tania Diez


"one of the finest actors of our time in a play directed by this country's best theatre director."

~James Lowe


"Another riveting, thought-provoking and disturbing performance. Absolutely loved 'Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'".

~Janet Farley


"Fantastic performance on Saturday, James. Jan and I loved every moment of it... Hope you bring it to Scarborough soon."

~Jeff Farley


"great show James."

~David Bown, (Chief Executive at Harrogate Theatre)


"Another spine-tingling performance from James Hyland tonight in Jekyll & Hyde - un-nerving, addictive theatre"

~Kevin Jamieson, (Senior Producer at Home)


"Awesome show!!"

~Jackie Bell


"Fantastic! Really clever acting, it kept me on the edge of my seat. I had no idea how James would deliver this one man theatre production, and he did not disappoint - the characters were so believable it was really absorbing. I have such admiration for good acting and the skill it requires, I couldn't help but be impressed."

~Karen Turner

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